Friday, October 16, 2009

DDay 29 part 1

Private event was fun. I won't be able to post pics cause I'm on my phone.

We ended not sleeping for about 72 hours straight the entire weekend. Party at phils, pick up the trailers, eat deep dish pizza with BH, load a car, finish joshs car, eat steak and shake, strap cars, put a hitch on an xterra, and then dip out to shawano at 330.

We have some good times at mcdonalds then get to the track at about 9.

We have a quick drivers meeting then head out into the track.

1st run of the day, my rear bumper gets ripped off, 2nd run of the day I demolish the new BN front bumper into 9 pieces. I will show pics later.

More to come when I get out of class.

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the3L said...

how the hell did u get over ur lactose intolerance!!! DAM U!!